• Tyanah Mutch

The Problem with "Good Hair"

To properly understand the problem with "good hair" you have to understand the social stigma behind "good hair". The term good hair originally comes from European colonization during the slave period were whites associated natural coarse hair of Africans with being second-class and non-citizens. However, this term is still being used centuries later continuing to destroy those of the black community and teaching self hate. "Good Hair" is considered to be hair that has a loose wave/curl or straight texture that grows long with minimum effort or products. The hair texture associated with "good hair" is also associated with "good genes" usually those related to a Caucasian or "foreign" ancestry, anything but 100% black. Thats why those with a lighter complexion are the ones usually with with "good hair".

Black hair is usually associated with being unruly, unkempt, dirty, unmanageable and unable to grow. This couldn't be further from the truth. Beyond coming from European colonization, this order of thinking comes from self hate within the black community. This mostly effects women of the black community. Many of which spend countless amount of money and hours trying to achieve the goal of having "good hair". In the black community we try to adjust to the beauty standards of those that see nothing but flaws in our natural beauty. But answer this question, why can't we all just embrace our unique beauty and teach self love?

In todays day and age you would think that a lot more people in the black community would embrace their natural hair, unfortunately , there is still a lot that still don't. This pollutes the minds of our young black generations implicitly teaching them that they can't love their hair and have to change it be considered beautiful. Now there is absolutely nothing with wearing weave, straighten your hair or even wanting a perm. The problem is thinking only those styles give you beauty and your natural hair does not.

Despite all of the negative energy the black community gets for our hair alone, we can't let that fool us into believing that our hair isn't beautiful. We have to overcome the centuries of mental oppression of believing that our hair isn't "good hair". We can fix our "good hair" problem, it starts with self. Love yourself, embrace what you have and pass it on the next person. For anybody that deals with "good hair" problems (in the black community or not) don't focus on "good hair" focus on your hair health, healthy hair is better than "good hair".

CEO Tyanah M. rocking a half up, half down natural hairstyle

The reason why I decided to talk about this sensitive topic in this months blog post is because this is the problem I'm trying to fix. This doesn't have to continue being a problem we can fix this! Curlgantics was created and founded on the the idea of loving and finding your natural self beautiful. I try to get all people with all kinds of curl types to love and embrace who they are. Now I'm not saying that wigs, weaves or perms mean you don't love self but I am saying that your natural hair is just as beautiful and you don't have to change to fit society views of beauty. However you feel comfortable wearing your hair, ROCK IT because YOU want it that way.



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