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Happy Customers and Reviews

I would like to thank all of the people that first believed in Curlgantics and been around since the beginning stages of my business journey! This is a video dedicated to a some of the very first customers that gave Curlgantics a chance with their coils, kinks, waves and curls. These customers were very excited to receive their Curlgantics products and all created a boomerang video to express their excitement. Without their help and most importantly their hair, Curlgantics wouldn’t be what it is today. Once again thank you all!!

Curlgantics Review Posts

All feedback, recommendations, suggestions, comments etc. are greatly appreciated and welcomed! Curlgantics has an open relationship with all customers and values all reviews of the product so we can better adhere to the needs of all customers. Below are a few reviews and appreciation posts from some valued customers of Curlgantics.

This is a local reviewer of Curlgantics Curly Rose collection. She expressed her excitement upon receiving her products through her Instagram story. She was also kind enough to give great recommendations and feedback on this collection (Third picture above).

I would like to give a special thanks to Youtuber Anna Doll! Anna tried Curlgantics Curly Rose hair cream and discovered something that even I didn't know. Anna Doll discovered that the hair cream also works very well in her curly hair wigs!! So not only can Curlgantics get your natural hair poppin, your wig/bundles curl pattern will be poppin as well.


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